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christian dating sites pohjanmaa

important city in the region during the oscan and etruscan period. French Southern and Antarctic Lands, a territory: Self-descriptive. Also the English transcription is Macao. In modern Italian Toscana derives from Etruria (Latin later "Tuscia" (which now is the name of a subregion in the northern Lazio ) and finally "Toscana". Modern linguists postulate origins in a Proto-Indo-European language (PIE) root *stela- (to spread, extend expressing the idea of "flat land" (in contrast to the local Sabine high country). Donets is a diminutive form of Don and is a tributary of the river Don. Andalusia : from the Arabic name ( Al-Andalus, with several suggested etymologies) formerly applied to the whole Iberian Peninsula Aragon : from the Aragon River, that gave its name to the county of Aragon, one of the little Christian polities that resisted Islamic rule. " Anguilla's History Archived t the Wayback Machine.".

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Košice : The first written mention of the city as "villa Cassa" dates from 1230. 19 The name was applied to the entirety of Hong Kong Island in the 1842 Treaty of Nanking. Kingman, who discovered the reef aboard the Shooting Star on 29 November 1853. (Ultimate etymology disputed.) Västra Götaland : means "Western Gothia/Götaland ". Shanzhou is named in reference to the three former channels of the Yellow River at Sanmenxia, previously supposed to have been cleft in the rock by Yu the Great and now submerged by the Sanmenxia Dam Shandong ( ) "East of the Taihang Mountains" Shanxi. In the Iraqi Constitution, it is referred to as Kurdistan Region.5 The full name of the government is "Kurdistan Regional Government" (abbrev: KRG). Meath : Mide in Irish. A History of Wales from the Earliest Times to the Edwardian Conquest. Rioja : speculatively interpreted as "red" from the redness of a prominent soil type in the area.

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Strip clubs in helsinki karvainenpillu 50 Although Pressburg remained the official name until 1919, the Hungarians use and used the name Pozsony (attested by the 12th century). Jura : after the Jura Mountains. Retrieved 10 February 2009. Biobío Region (Spanish viii Región del Biobío named after the Bío-Bío River.
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Yareel 3D sex game add-on for dating sites. Alternatively: the christian dating sites pohjanmaa people known as the Batavians (Latin: Batavi ) inhabited the island of Betawe between the Waal and the Rhine. Scotland: "Land of the Scots attested in the 11th-century Anglo-Saxon Chronicles of Abingdon, Worcester and Laud. "Eastern Expanses actually contracts the earlier "Eastern Guangnan" ( Guangnandong ) Guangxi ( ) lit. Retrieved lner, Peter (2001). "Holstein" comes from a Saxon subtribe named, in Latin, Holcetae, whose means "dwellers in the wood" (Northern Low Saxon: Hol(t)saten ; German: Holzsassen ). From the Irish Connachta people, who all claimed descent from the High King Conn Cétchathach, Conn of the Hundred Battles. Howland Island, a territory: Bestowed by Capt. Additionally, the Visigothic kingdom of Catalonia may have taken its name from that of the original homeland of the Visigoths, "Gotland". Wales : From Proto-Germanic word Walhaz, meaning "Romanised foreigner through Old English welis, wælis, wilis, meaning " Romano-British to Modern English Welsh. Old Irish treb 'building 'farm Welsh tref 'building Middle Breton treff 'city toponyms in Tre-, Provençal trevar 'to live in a house or in a village. Groningen ( Gronings : Grönnen or Grunnen ). The "glorious victory" also refers to the event of Indonesian Proclamation of Independence on which took place in the city. Basel : traditionally associated with the Greek basileus king or basileos of the king the city saw itself as preserving the Imperial Roman heritage of its parent settlement, the Roman town of Augusta Raurica. Alans, Encyclopædia Iranica Fallis, Catherine,. Their names often date from before the year 1000. The Finnish language form of the city's name probably originates from 'Helsinga' and similar names used for the river currently known as Vantaanjoki, as documented as early as the 14th century. Lombardy : from the Germanic tribe of the Lombards (literally "long-beards" or " long-bearded axe people or, according to another theory, "long- halberds who invaded Italy in the 6th century. Czech Republic edit Map of the Czech Republic with traditional regions and current administrative regions Historical regions edit Czechia, geographic name of the Czech Republic ( esko in Czech). St Gallen : from Saint Gall (c.

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